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"New Generation of Pharmaceutical Scientists in Asia-Pacific Regions"


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PSJ-FIP Joint Project on Exchange of Young Pharmaceutical Scientists

in Asia-Pacific Regions at 142nd PSJ Annual Meeting, March 26, 2022, Nagoya, Japan

Second Circular

including countermeasure against COVID-19

Aim: Both the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) aim at the advancement of world health by employing various goals and strategies in the pharmacy-related fields as depicted in the FIP development Goals (FIP DGs). Among them, promotion of pharmaceutical sciences, which is closely connected to the DG1 (Academic Capacity) and DG2 (Early Career training strategy), plays a vital role in the mission of both organizations. This year, the PSJ and the FIP collaborate on the promotion of exchanges of ideas and opportunities in the pharmaceutical science activities in the Asia-Pacific regions by inviting young pharmaceutical scientists and young pharmacist scientists to the 142nd Annual Meeting of the PSJ (March 2022, Nagoya). Application from the motivated young scientists in the relevant regions are highly anticipated for nurturing their prospects.

About 142nd PSJ Annual Meeting:
DATE: March 25 (Fri.)-28 (Mon.), 2022
Venue: Nagoya Congress Center (
Chair: Prof. Yuji Mori (Faculty of Pharmacy, Meijo University)
Participant's Attribute: Pharmaceutical Scientists and Pharmacist scientists
Key Numbers (recent average): 8,000 participants and 3,000 presentations across the wide range of pharmaceutical sciences (refer to the Session List)
Relevant Session in the 142nd PSJ Annual Meeting:
*PSJ-FIP Joint Session: March 26 (Sat.) PM3:00-PM6:15:
Part 1: FIP Forum (symposium)
Part 2: New Generations of Pharmaceutical Scientists in Asia-Pacific Regions(oral session)
*General Poster Sessions: March 26 (Sat.) AM/PM-28 (Mon.) AM/PM

Overview of the 2022 PSJ-FIP Joint Project:
  1. 1. Young pharmaceutical scientists and young pharmacist scientists (from novice practicing pharmacists/graduate student pharmacists to recent PhDs at academic institutions /hospitals/pharmacies) in the Asia-Pacific regions are invited to the 142nd PSJ Annual Meeting in Nagoya.
  2. 2. The invited young scientists are encouraged to participate in the FIP Forum (Part 1: Symposium-style session within the Annual Meeting of the PSJ) where they will be introduced to the meeting participants as well as to the invited speakers of the Forum.
  3. 3. The invited young scientists should present their recent work in the general poster sessions in the Annual Meeting (March 26-28). The invited young scientists can choose an appropriate area from basic science to applied, clinical or practice research (refer to the "Area of Presentation" below and attached Session list).
  4. 4. Small number of the invited young scientists (max of five) will be allocated to the oral session of the PSJ-FIP Joint Project (Part 2: 15 min/person incl. discussion) which is connected to the FIP forum (Part 1). (Depending on the situation of COVID-19, oral presentations shall be provided online: see below)
  5. 5. The registration fee of the Annual Meeting is waived for all the invited young scientists. However, costs of flights to and from Nagoya and accommodation must be covered by the invited young scientists themselves. Upon evaluation of the application documents, small numbers of applicants with excellent features (max of five) will be given the travel award (a grant up to \100,000/person: max 50% of the total travel cost) and allocated to the oral session (part 2).
  6. 6. All the invited young scientists will enjoy the full benefit of the PSJ annual meeting as a regular registrant including participation to all the symposia, general sessions, exhibitions, and other events on site of the meeting.
  7. 7. The invited young scientists are expected to submit a short report (600-800 words) about their participation in the PSJ Annual Meeting.

Area of Presentation:
Track A: Drug Design and Discovery 
Track B: Physical Sciences for Formulation & Targeting
Track C: Biological Sciences for Health Care
Track D: Environmental and Regulatory Sciences
Track E: Science-Based Practice
Track F: New Age of Education for Scientists and Pharmacists

Application Procedure:
  1. 1. Those who wish to apply to the project should send their application documents (See below) to the FIP member organization (MO/PSMO) at home country in the Asia-Pacific Regions. Then, the relevant MO/PSMO should send the application documents to the secretary-general of the PSJ by not later than 20 Nov. 2021. If the applicants belong to an academic institution (e.g., pharmacy school) which has a partner institution in Japan (e.g., pharmacy school in Japan), the application documents can be sent via the partner institution in Japan.
  2. 2. Applicant does not have to be an individual member of FIP, but the applicant is encouraged to become the member afterwards.
  3. 3. PSJ will decide the invitation of applicants, their allocation to the sessions and bestowment of the travel award. Successful applicants shall be informed not later than 10 Dec. 2021.

Application Documents:
  1. 1. Application Form: A4-sized WORD document in two pages that should include CV of applicant, a short essay on the applicant's motivation, and a short list of references indicating applicant's achievements, publications, presentations, etc.
  2. 2. Letter of recommendation by an applicant's mentor or senior colleague in the form of PDF.
  3. 3. Presentation abstract (English) with an Area of Presentation (Track A-F), one or two session code No. of applicant's choice (following the guideline of the Annual Meeting).
  4. 4. Session list of the PSJ Annual Meeting with code No. is attached to the Second Circular.

Area of the Asia-Pacific Regions:
Target countries of this project are based on the definition of the WHO regions as follows (Those who are eager to apply this project from outside the regions may also be considered):
South-East Asian Region: Bangladesh, Bhutan, North Korea, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Timor-Leste.
Western Pacific Region: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Laos, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Taiwan, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Vietnam.

Countermeasure against COVID-19 pandemic:
Based on the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic within the region (incl. daily cases, etc.), we expect that the whole Annual Meeting of the PSJ will take place in a face-to-face environment at the end of March 2022 and we do hope to have this PSJ-FIP Joint Project in a face-to-face environment as well. However, we must prepare for the possible occurrence of a new wave of infection and the continuing travel restrictions especially the difficulty in entering Japan. In case such circumstances continue toward March, we will plan to have online participations of overseas speakers in the Joint Project. Thus, we expect online presentations by the invited young pharmaceutical scientists from their home countries for the audience at the venue of the FIP Forum/Annual Meeting of the PSJ, while their poster presentations are cancelled. We will dispatch notifications as soon as changes are officially decided.

Any inquiry about this project should be posted from our inquiry form:
Please check "FIP" for the inquiry items.