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The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan invites individuals and groups that have interest in the pharmaceutical sciences or related sciences aiming at treatment of diseases by the creation, production and supply of medicines. Please join our Society now.

Membership Fees and Subscription Fees

Annual Overseas Membership Dues (Effective from FY2019)

Membership Fee (Subscription Fee excluded) 3,000 yen

Journal Titles* Subscription Fee**
(Shipping cost included)
Additional Shipping
Cost by air mail**
Farumashia 5,000(yen) 3,000(yen)
YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 6,000(yen) 5,000(yen)

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin/
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
(Set in 2 issues)

7,500(yen) 5,000(yen)

*If you wish to subscribe to our journals, the subscription fee is required in addition to the membership fee.

**Subscribed journals are shipped by sea mail. If air mail is preferable, additional shipping cost is required.



  • Supporting Membership Fee
  • A unit or above (1 unit = 90,000 yen/year)
  • Application for overseas membership should be mailed to:
  • Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Book Export II Department
  • 1-2-1, Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku,
  • Tokyo 101-0064, Japan
  • Fax:+81-3-3292-0410
  • E-mail: