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  1. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award '96
    • Keizo Inoue (The University of Tokyo)
      Functions and Dynamics of Lipids in Mammals
    • Eiichi Kimura ( Hiroshima University )
      Creation of New Supramolecular Science with Macrocyclic Polyamines
    • Masayasu Kimura (Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University)
      The Molecular Patho-pharmacological Studies for Novel Drug Design by a Principle of Drug Action in Japanese Traditional Sino-Medicine System
    • Keiichiro Fukumoto (Tohoku University)
      Developments of Highly Stereoselective Domino Reactions and Application to Medicinal Chemistry

  2. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Contribution '96
    • Takaaki Aoyagi (Showa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
      Screening, Characterization and Pharmaceutical and Medical Application of Enzyme Inhibitors from Microbial Origin with Low-Molecular-Weight
    • Issei Takayanagi (Toho University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
      Pharmacological Studies on Drug Receptor Mechanisms

  3. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Young Scientists '96
    • Kenichi Akaji (Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)
      Studies on Development of Disulfide Bond Forming Reaction and the Application to Regioselective Disulfide Formation
    • Masayoshi Imagawa (Oska University)
      Regulation Mechanism of Specific Expression of Tumor Marker Gene during Carcinogenesis
    • Yoshimi Kakinuma (Chiba University)
      Structure and Function of Na+�\translocating vacuolar ATPase
    • Motomasa Kobayashi(Osaka University)
      Search of Novel Anti-tumor Substances from Marine Organisms
    • Yoshinobu Takakura (Kyoto University)
      Development of Drug Delivery Systems for Macromolecular Drugs
    • Jun Haginaka (Mukogawa Women's University)
      Development of HPLC Packing Materials for Drug Analysis and Their Applications
    • Ikuo Fujii (Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute)
      Catalytic Antibodies: Generation of a New Class of Protein Catalysts Exploiting the Immune System
    • Norio Matsuki (The University of Tokyo)
      Mechanisms of Cytotoxic Drug-Induced Emesis and Its Prevention

  4. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Drug Research and Development '96
    • Masanao Shimizu et. al. (Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.)
      Research and Development of Zonisamide, a New Type of Antiepileptic Drug

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