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    1. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award '05
      • Masataka Ihara (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University)
        Syntheses of Biologically Active Natural Products and Leading Compounds for New Pharmaceuticals Employing Effective Construction of Polycyclic Skeleton
      • Chihiro Kibayashi (Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science)
        Development of New Synthetic Methods and Its Application to Total Syntheses of Nitrogen-Containing Bioactive Natural Products
      • Ichiro Kudo (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Showa University)
        Bio-Pharmacological Studies on Enzymes Involved in Prostaglandin Biosynthesis
      • Mitsuru Hashida (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University)
        Establishment of Rational Design Methodology for Drug Delivery System and Its Application

  1. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Contribution '05
    • Takashi Yamauchi (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,The University of Tokushima)
      Role of Ca2+ Signal and Calmodulin Kinase on the Molecular Basis of Learning and Memory
    • Susumu Okabe (Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts)
      Pharmacological Studies for Development of Anti-Ulcer Drugs -Establishment of Ulcer Models in Laboratory Animals-
  2. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Promotion '05
    • Masaaki Shibuya (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
      Biosynthetic Study on Skeleton Formation of Natural Products
    • Takefumi Doi (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University)
      Molecular Analyses of Cellular Molecules Related with Blood Disorder and Vascular Disease
  3. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Young Scientists '05
    • Hiroaki Ohno (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University)
      Development of Useful Reactions Involving Tandem Cyclizations Based on the Novel Reactivities of Allenic Compounds
    • Naoki Okada (Department of Biopharmaceutics, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)
      Design and Creation of Cytomedicine for Application to Cell Therapy
    • Shinichi Saito (Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Science)
      Development of New Cycloaddition Reactions Based on the Unique Reactivity of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
    • Tadahide Furuno (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya City University)
      New Microscopic Strategy to Study Immune Responses
    • Satohiro Masuda (Department of Pharmacy, Kyoto University Hospital)
      Clarification and Clinical Application of Pharmacokinetic Factor on Post-transplant Immunosuppressive Therapy
    • Yoichi M.A. Yamada (National Institutes of Natural Sciences Institute for Molecular Science)
      Development of New Solid-Phase Catalysts and Their Applications to Synthetic Organic Reactions

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