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  1. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award '02
    • Yasuyuki Kita (Osaka University)
      Development of Novel Synthetic Organic Reactions and Its Application to Antitumor Natural Products and Leading Compounds for New Pharmaceuticals
    • Akira Tsuji (Kanazawa University)
      Biopharmaceutical Studies on Molecular Mechanism of Membrane Transport
    • Masako Nakagawa (Chiba University)
      Synthetic Study of Biologically Important Nitrogen Containing Natural Products: Development of New Methodology and Design of Leading Compounds for New Pharmaceuticals
    • Kosuke Morikawa (Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute)
      X-Ray Crystallographic Study on Recognition Mechanisms of Biomolecules: DNA-Protein and Ligand-Receptor interaction

  2. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Contribution '02
    • Taiji Imoto (Kyushu University)
      Establishment of Foundation for Protein Research and Its development to Pharmaceutical Science Field
    • Yasuoki Murakami (Toho University)
      New Reactivities of Nitrogen-containing Aromatics and Their Synthetic Application
    • Yasuji Yamada (Tokyo Pharmaceutical University)
      Studies on Discovery and Synthesis of Bioactive Marine Organic Molecules
    • Ikuo Yamamoto (Hokuriku University)
      Molecular Biology and Biochemical Toxicology of Cannabinoids and Uridine Derivatives as CNS Depressant Substances

  3. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Promotion '02
    • Hiroyuki Itabe (Teikyo University)
      Studies on the Metabolism of Oxidatively Modified Lipoproteins and Its Diagnostic Application for Cardiovascular Diseases Using a Monoclonal Antibody
    • Shigehiro Ohdo (Kyushu University)
      Development of New Chronopharmacotherapy Based on Biological Rhythm
    • Shigeki Sasaki (Kyushu University)
      Creation of Functional Recognition Molecules for Chemical Modification of Gene Expression
    • Noriko Takahashi (Hoshi Pharmaceutical University)
      Cytodifferentiation: Induction of Cell Differentiation and Development of New Anti-Cancer Drugs
    • Chisato Mukai (Kanazawa University)
      Development of Highly Selective Reactions Based on Metal Carbonyls and Its Application to Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds
    • Yuriko Yamagata (Kumamoto University)
      Structural Bases for Functions and Physical Properties of Proteins by X-Ray Diffraction

  4. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Young Scientists '02
    • Shin Aoki (Hirosima University)
      Supramolecular Chemistry of Multinuclear Zinc Complexes in Aqueous Solution
    • Kazuya Kikuchi (Tokyo University)
      Visualization Analysis of Cellular Events by Design, Synthesis and Application of Fluorescent Sensor Molecules
    • Yasuo Komatsu (DNA Chip Research Inc.)
      Investigation of Structure-Function Relationship of RNA Enzyme and Development of New Type of RNA Enzyme
    • Takumichi Sugihara (Tokushima Bunri University)
      Development of Efficient Synthesis Organic Reactions by Applying cis-Effect and Properties of Polynuclear Complexes
    • Hideyo Takahashi (Teikyo University)
      Synthetic Studies on Sugar-Related Bioactive Substances Based on the Ring Transformation
    • Hitoshi Hashimoto (Osaka University)
      Study on Physiological and Pathophysiological Significance of Neuropeptide PACAP by in Vitro and in Vivo Mutational Analysis
    • Masahiro Hiratsuka (Tohoku University Hospital)
      Simplified and Rapid Detection of SNP Influencing Drug Response and Its Clinical Application
    • Shino Manabe (RIKEN)
      Development of Novel Methodology for Rapid Conjugated Oligosaccharide Synthesis

  5. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Drug Research and Development '02
    • Takashi Soda et al. (Takeda Chem. Ind., Ltd.)
      Discovery and Development of a New Insulin Sensitizer, Pioglitazone

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