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  1. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award '01
    • Toshisuke kawasaki (kyoto University)
      Roles of Glycoconjugates in Innate Immunity and Neural Cell Adhesion
    • Tadashi Nakata (RIKEN)
      Synthetic Studies on Complex Natural Products Having Significant Bioactivities
    • Yoshimitsu Nagao (University of Tokushima)
      Development of New reactions and Their Pharmaceutical Application Based on the Molecular Structure Characteristics
    • Yasuyuki Nomura (Hokkaido University)
      Cellular and Molecular Pharmacological Studies on Membrane Receptors-Signaling and Stress-Responses in the Brain

  2. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Contribution '01
    • Hiroaki Takayama (Teikyo University)
      Creation of Functional Organic Compounds and Their Application
    • Terumichi Nakagawa (Koyto University)
      High-Performance Separation of Drug and Microanalysis of Protein Binding
    • Hiroshi Ogawara (Meiji Pharmaceutical University)
      Genetic and Biochemical Stduies on the Regulatory Mechanism of the Self-Resistance and Biosynthesis of Antibiotics

  3. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Promotion '01
    • Kazunori Odashima (Nagoya City University)
      Supramolecular Chemistry at Membrane Surfaces and Its Fundamental Organic Chemistry
    • Hiroshi Tomoda (The Kitasato Institute)
      Discovery of Useful Microbial Metabolites by Screening with Intact Mammalian Cells or Microorganisms Having Special Functions
    • Akira Yamamoto (Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)
      Biopharmaceutical Study on the Improvement of Transmucosal Absorption of Biological Active Peptides
    • Shigeru Ohta (Hitoshima University School of Medicine)
      Investigation of Parkinsonism Causing and Preventing Substances in Brain

  4. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Young Scientists '01
    • Masanobu Uchiyama (Tohoku University )
      Molecuar Design and Function of Ate Complexes
    • Motomu Kanai (The University of Tokyo)
      Development and Applications of Highly Enantioselective Catalysts Designed from the Concept of the Lewis Acids-Lewis Base Bifunctional Catalysis
    • Hiroshi Kitagawa (Kobe Pharmaceutical University)
      Biosynthetic Mechanism of the Bioactive Sulfated Glucosaminoglycans
    • Yoshihiro Sato (Hokkaido University)
      Novel Cyclization via Nickel-Catalyzed C-C Bond forming Reaction between Multiple Bonds
    • Hirokazu Tamamura (Kyoto University)
      Development of Selective Antagonists against an HIV Second Receptor
    • Kei Manabe (The University of Tokyo )
      Design of Catalysts Based on Molecular Interactions and reconstruction of Organic Reaction Media
    • Masabumi Minami (Kyoto University)
      Study of Cytokines and Chemokines as Mediators for Intercellular Communication in the Brain
    • Mami Yamazaki (Chiba University)
      Molecular Biological Studies on Diversity of Secondary Metabolism in Medicinal Plants

  5. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Drug Research and Development '01
    • Masaji Ishiguro et. al (Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research)
      New Orally Active Penem Antibiotic: Farom
    • Hideo Kato et. al (Hokuriku Seiyaku Co., Ltd.)
      Development of Transdermal Formulation of Tulobuterol for the Treatment of Bronchial Asthema

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