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  1. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award 2004
    • Yuichi Sugiyama (University of Tokyo)
      Molecular mechanism-based quantitative reconstruction of drug disposition in the body involving transporters and metabolizing enzymes
    • Yasuo Suzuki (University of Shizuoka)
      Glycobiological study on virus infection
    • Masahiro Nishijima (National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
      Studies on the biosynthesis and function of membrane phospholipids by using somatic cell mutants
    • Miwako Mori (Hokkaido University)
      Development of novel ring formation reaction using organometallic complexes and synthesis of biologically active substances

  2. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Contribution 2004
    • Ken-ichi Harada (Meijo University)
      Environmental scientific study using natural products as an index
    • Masako Maeda (Showa University)
      Capture of micro-constitutes in biological materials by ultra sensitive immunochemical methods
    • Kaneto Uekama (Kumamoto University)
      Pharmaceutical application of cyclodextrins as multi-functional drug carriers
    • Kiyomi Kikugawa (Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science)
      Studies on the strategy of living body against oxidative stress

  3. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Promotion 2004
    • Atsushi Nishida (Chiba University)
      Design and synthesis of new molecular skeletons and its application to natural product synthesis
    • Hiromitsu Takayama (Chiba University)
      Exploration and syntheses of nitrogenous biologically active natural molecules from the medicinal plants
    • Atsushi Takeda (University of Shizuoka)
      Analysis of brain function and prevention of brain diseases focused on the action of trace metals

  4. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Young Scientists 2004
    • Yasuteru Urano (The University of Tokyo)
      Establishment of logical and precise strategies to design novel fluorescence probes
    • Takashi Ohshima (The University of Tokyo)
      Enantioselective total syntheses of several bioactive natural products based on the development of practical asymmetric catalysis
    • Sumio Ohtsuki (Tohoku University)
      Molecular biopharmaceutical study on the blood-brain barrier transport function
    • Satoshi Obika (Osaka University)
      Development of highly functional bridged nucleic acid analogues as a basic material for genome technology
    • Yasuo Tsutsumi (Osaka University)
      Development of novel DDS technologies for pharmacoproteomic-based drug discovery and development
    • Seiichi Nakamura (Hokkaido University)
      Studies on the total synthesis of biologically active natural products exploiting tandem cyclization reactions
    • Makiya Nishikawa (Kyoto University)
      Development of cell-specific targeting system for drugs and genes
    • Naoshi Yamazaki (University of Tokushima)
      Identification of muscle type carnitine palmitoyltransferase i and characterization of its atypical gene structure

  5. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Drug Research and Development 2004
    • Hidenori Ohki et al. (Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)
      Discovery of lipopeptide antifungal agent: micafungin

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