Thank you for your consolatory message

As you know, a massive earthquake of 9.0-magnitude and the following destructive tsunami caused tremendous casualties and damage of the properties in the Tohoku district, the northeastern region of Honshu, on Friday, March 11, 2011. Even now we still do not know exact extent of the damage. Although the building PSJ secretariats occupies in Tokyo, 200 km away from the focus of the earthquake, shook several times violently, there was fortunately no injuries and damage. However, confusion caused by the deficiency of electricity around metropolitan area and fear of aftershocks forced us to cancel 131st annual meeting of PSJ. Scientists in the Tohoku district suffer severe damage to laboratory facilities. The damage of our printing system located in the Tohoku district causes the delay of publication of YAKUGAKUZASSHI. The lack of electricity restricts our daily life in Tokyo. It may take several years for the full recovery.

We have received a lot of e-mails and letters from various people, societies and organizations all over the world after the disaster. We really appreciate thoughtful condolence and sympathy and feel that we are not alone. As the members of The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, a leading society in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, will do our best toward the recovery from the disaster and reestablishment of our sciences. Your continuous support of PSJ will be greatly appreciated.

With best wishes,

Norio Matsuki, Ph.D.
President of PSJ

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